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Veterans Blend

Veteran's Blend

The Veterans Blend is a medium to dark roast coffee, which has a fruity and dark flavour, originating from Costa Rica.

Fairtrade Mediterranean

Fairtrade Mediterranean Coffee

This Fairtrade Mediterranean Colombian coffee is a French roast, which means that it is darker than most modern espresso blends. French roasts are characterised by their dark colour, oily beans and lack of acidity, with the prominent taste being the roasted taste which can overpower some of the more subtle coffee flavours. Our Mediterranean blend […]

Fairtrade Nicaraguan Medium

Nicaraguan coffee

This Nicaraguan coffee has a sweet aroma, citrus tones, a bright medium acidity and a well-rounded cup. Our Fairtrade Nicaraguan coffee comes from the mountainous northwest region of Nicaragua – because it is a strictly high grown coffee, grown at high altitudes, the bean develops slower, resulting in a higher density. Nicaraguan coffee production is […]

Brazil Ipanema Yellow Bourbon

Brazil Coffee

This coffee from Brazil is a medium to dark roast, with a smooth body and notes of hazelnut and citrus. Brazil Ipanema is a single estate in the heart of Brazil’s coffee-producing region of Minas Gerais. Ipanema has the perfect microclimate for protection against low temperatures. Considered to be one of the largest farms in […]

El Salvador

El Salvador Coffee

El Salvador coffee has a vibrant flavour with notes of toffee apple and sugarcane, delicious! The turbulent history of coffee has left a deep imprint on El Salvador’s history, politics and development. The 19th Century saw the rapid growth in coffee production, which traditionally provides more than 50% of the country’s export revenues.


Guatemalan Coffee

Guatemalan coffee is a full-bodied, vibrant cup with a little spice and a touch of caramel. Guatemala has very diverse geographic and climatic characteristics, thus its territory is divided into eight separate regions in terms of coffee cultivation. From the growing areas grouped based on different micro-climates, the highest region is the Huehuetenango, where small […]