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Visit The Cafe on Bank St.

Although many of you may have visited our cosy little cafe on Bank Street in Carlisle for a brew or a bite to eat,  you may not know that The Cafe on Bank St. is by far the oldest coffee shop attached to the company name and has been a home to John Watt & Son for over a […]

October 2022 – Tea of the Month

For our October tea of the month, we have selected what we think is the ultimate autumnal tea; our deliciously spiced, Apple & Cinnamon Tea! As we transition towards rosier cheeks and cosier evenings, our Apple & Cinnamon provides a truly warming cup for settling down by the fire on a chilly day. With our classic, Chinese, black tea base, […]

October 2022 – Coffee of the Month

250g bag of october coffee of the month, honduras from gea womens project with small espresso cup of coffee, book and candle stick

This month, we have specially selected a beautiful Honduran bean from the GEA Womens’ Cooperative to showcase as our October coffee of the month. Originating from greek mythology, ‘Gea’ is the ‘goddess of the earth and all creation’ and is the name that Becamo (NKG coffee exporter) gave to this particular blend of green beans made from coffees of more than […]

The JW Banana & Walnut Coffee Loaf

We thought our September Coffee of the Month was such a rich, nuanced new roast would be the perfect touch to a spot of home baking, in particular to this mouthwatering Banana & Walnut Coffee loaf recipe which we have put together for you… This recipe draws on a subtle flavour, enhancing the delicious depth […]

September 2022 – Tea of the Month

For our September tea of the month, we have selected a tantalising blend from our flavoured tea selection with our beautifully light, Peach Tea! With a Chinese black tea base, real fruit pieces & a peppering of marigold petals, this makes for a really delicate & delicious cup, perfect to settle down with as we move through the tail […]

September 2022 – Coffee of the Month

This month, we have specially roasted our Papua New Guinea Goroka B to a beautifully rich, high roast for you to enjoy this September! Papua New Guinea beans are often revered for their unique & interesting acidity & high variety. In the eastern highlands, sits a small town called Goroka at an altitude of 1,600m above sea level […]

JW&S Make the Financial Times!

You might have seen on our social media this week, that we are very excited to have been featured in an article from the Financial Times on ‘the best independent coffee shops in the world’ !! We are both thrilled and flattered to appear next to some fantastic names in the industry and of course […]

Introducing The JW Mug!

As you might have guessed, here at John Watt & Son, we’re all about putting everything into making the perfect brew – whether for you, that’s one of our many nuanced coffee roasts or delicate tea blends – you can’t have a totally faultless brew without the perfect vessel to put it in… Which is […]

New Branding at JW&S…

The eagle-eyed of you may have noticed over the past few weeks, something a bit different about our usual labels as we’ve started to introduce something fresh to our traditional packaging… Over the past few months, we’ve been getting our heads together to give a bit of a re-fresh to the John Watt & Son brand and […]

July 2022 – Tea of the Month

100g bag of strawbeerry and kiwi tea with etched glass bowl of fresh strawberries, scattered tea and candle

Our July tea of the month brings you our Strawberry & Kiwi blend! This tea is one of our very popular fruit infusion teas due to its particularly flavoursome character and versatility. We think it’s a beautifully balanced blend of kiwi chunks and pieces of dried strawberry alongside apple, hibiscus flowers, rosehip shells & citrus peel! It’s a tea […]