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October 2022 – Coffee of the Month

250g bag of october coffee of the month, honduras from gea womens project with small espresso cup of coffee, book and candle stick

This month, we have specially selected a beautiful Honduran bean from the GEA Womens’ Cooperative to showcase as our October coffee of the month. Originating from greek mythology, ‘Gea’ is the ‘goddess of the earth and all creation’ and is the name that Becamo (NKG coffee exporter) gave to this particular blend of green beans made from coffees of more than […]

September 2022 – Coffee of the Month

This month, we have specially roasted our Papua New Guinea Goroka B to a beautifully rich, high roast for you to enjoy this September! Papua New Guinea beans are often revered for their unique & interesting acidity & high variety. In the eastern highlands, sits a small town called Goroka at an altitude of 1,600m above sea level […]

March 2022 – Coffee of the Month

250g bag of Guatemala San Francisco with small posy of anemone and ranunculus

Run by the Brol family since 1914, The San Francisco Cotzal farm is located in North-Western Guatemala and is where we find our March coffee of the month with our Guatemala San Francisco medium roast. Today, the country is revered as a producer of some of the most flavourful and nuanced cups worldwide. Surrounded by forests, mountains, and waterfalls, […]

December 2021 – Coffee of the Month

Sitting between the Indian Ocean & the Java Sea is the world’s most populous island, Java. Home to more than 50% of Indonesia’s entire population & tied to a history of coffee dating back over 300 years to the Dutch colonial era, Java (specifically Kayumas Estate) is also where we find December’s coffee of the […]

November 2021 – Coffee of the Month

Bag of November Veterans Coffee alongside cup of black coffee and poppies

As each November rolls around, it not only brings golden leaves & chillier weather but The Royal British Legion’s Annual Poppy Appeal. This month, in support of military veterans, our unique coffee selection brings you our special ‘Veteran’s Blend’. With its fruity, chocolate flavour and well-rounded medium body, this blend will not only provide a […]

Papua New Guinea Coffee

Papua New Guinea coffee

The eastern half of the south-western Pacific tropical island of New Guinea belongs to a country that goes by the name of Papua New Guinea. Coffee thrives here among the country’s many mountains. In fact, it grows so well that the Papua New Guinea coffee industry provides a livelihood for over 2.5 million of the […]

Rwanda Specialty Coffee

Rwanda Specialty Coffee

The geographical constitution of Rwanda is prime for the production of Rwanda specialty coffee. This relatively small East African country is known as The Land of a Thousand Hills. Why? Because the whole country is covered with mountainous terrain; even its lowest point is 950 metres above sea level. A tropical climate, with temperatures up […]

Sumatran Specialty Coffee

Sumatran Specialty Coffee

Although Indonesia is not particularly high on the radar when it comes to top-tasting coffee, the altitudinous regions of Indonesia’s largest (unshared) island bear some true gems in the form of Sumatran speciality coffee.   A Brief History   Coffee, in the form of Arabica seedlings, was first introduced to Indonesia by the Dutch at […]

Dominican Coffee

Dominican Coffee

It goes without saying that Dominican coffee comes from the Dominican Republic. This Caribbean nation covers approximately the eastern five-eighths of the island Hispaniola. The tropical country is roughly five times smaller than the United Kingdom, but where it lacks in size it makes up for with the quality of its coffee. Dominican coffee has […]

Honduran Coffee


The Republic of Honduras is a small, Central American country less than half the size of the United Kingdom. Despite its small size, Honduras is the sixth highest producer of coffee globally, the third-highest producer in Latin America, and the top producer in Central America. Coffee was first introduced to Honduras by traders in the […]