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December 2021 – Coffee of the Month

Sitting between the Indian Ocean & the Java Sea is the world’s most populous island, Java. Home to more than 50% of Indonesia’s entire population & tied to a history of coffee dating back over 300 years to the Dutch colonial era, Java (specifically Kayumas Estate) is also where we find December’s coffee of the month here at John Watt & Son; our Organic Indonesian Java Kayumas.

Built in around 1900, Kayumas Estate, has a long, rich history of producing some of the best coffee in Indonesia. It covers 725 hectares & yields approximately 350 tons of high-quality coffee per year. Initially, coffee was cultivated in low-lying areas of the region until the 19th Century when Coffee Leaf Rust Disease, damaged most of the crops. Coffee production was since forced up into highland plateaus, where higher altitudes & volcanic soil have provided the perfect conditions for growing coffee ever since.

Our Organic Indonesian Java Kayumas beans are harvested from May through July, sometimes creeping into September. It is hand-picked & then traditionally washed which gives the coffee a much cleaner & more acidic profile than most other Indonesian coffees. It is then left to sun-dry on raised beds before being transported over to us, where we freshly roast the beans ready for you to enjoy!

With a dark chocolate flavour, accompanied by notes of orange peel, malt biscuit & a nutty aroma, you won’t want to miss out on this months comforting roast. We think it makes the perfect cup to cosy up with this winter, and if like us your taste buds are already tingling, then be sure to get your orders in quick! Remember – our coffee of the month selection is only available for one month and one month only, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to try this delicious, organic coffee and see in the New Year with a unique and perfect brew!

Coffee of the Month