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Dominican Coffee

It goes without saying that Dominican coffee comes from the Dominican Republic. This Caribbean nation covers approximately the eastern five-eighths of the island Hispaniola. The tropical country is roughly five times smaller than the United Kingdom, but where it lacks in size it makes up for with the quality of its coffee.

Dominican coffee has been around since the 1700s when it was first introduced to the country and today the country is the 27th highest contributor to coffee production in the world. High domestic consumption of around 3kg per capita per year, however, means that only a small portion of the coffee produced is exported outside of the country.

Situated on the most mountainous island in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic offers prime topography for coffee production. The numerous coffee-growing regions include but are not limited to Azua, Baní, Barahona, Cibao, Juncalito and Ocoa.

Jarabacoa Organic Coffee

This March, John Watt & Son’s coffee of the month is the Jarabacoa Organic, an exceptional coffee from the Central Highland’s region of the Dominican Republic.

The origin of this coffee is to be found on the Ramirez Estate. This is an estate owned by the Ramirez family which has been producing and marketing coffee since 1943.

Modern, electronic technology is used to sort the harvested beans of this special Dominican coffee. This method results in a product of consistently high quality.

Furthermore, the pulp that is removed from the cherry prior to the beans being dried, is fermented to produce a natural gas. This gas is then utilised as green energy to fuel the farming equipment.

In addition, any water used to wash the coffee beans post-harvest is put through a filtration system in order to prevent pollution of local rivers and streams.

The estate is not only friendly towards the environment but towards those who work there too. Wages are maintained higher than the Fairtrade Minimum.

Dominican Republic Jarabacoa Organic Coffee – Details

Region: grown in Jarabacoa – Central Highlands Region
Altitude: grown at 1400 metres above sea level
Processing: red honey
Variety: Typica and Caturra
Aroma: sweet citrus
Flavour: this Dominican coffee has a caramel body with blackberry flavours and hints of vanilla

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