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New Roadmap to help Cumbrian Businesses Plot Route for Fighting Climate Change

A new guide has been launched to help Cumbria’s businesses slash carbon emissions and fight climate change and global warming.

The ‘Roadmap to Sustainability’ is aimed at small and medium-sized firms and outlines how they can become more sustainable.

It offers guidance across a range of areas from transport to cutting waste and identifying green suppliers.

Created by a group of businesses – including Carlisle-based coffee roaster John Watt and Son, Out of Eden, Lake District Estates and students from Lancaster University’s Management School – those behind the roadmap hope it will guide companies through the avalanche of information about reducing our carbon footprint in straightforward, practical ways.

Peter Johnston, owner of John Watt and Son, said: “As a business we now challenge ourselves by saying ‘what about polar bears?’ when we make a strategic decision. But we felt swamped by information when we first looked at what steps we could take to be more environmentally friendly.

“This roadmap is a great tool to cut through some of the confusion and help start or continue on a greener route.”

Janet Hartley from Out of Eden said: “It’s a really handy guide that provides a clear pathway for all business to make small changes which will add up and make a real difference as time moves on.”

Kath Graham from Lake District Estates said: “I’ve been using the information within the roadmap to steer some of the day-to-day choices I now make.”

Phil Davies from Cumbria Action For Sustainability said: “If we all make small changes and continue playing our individual part then together we can protect the planet for future generations.”

Doctor Chris Ford of Lancaster University said: “This roadmap is great example of how local businesses, the university and students can work in partnership to help make lasting change.”

The Fight Climate Change roadmap can be view in full here: