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October 2022 – Coffee of the Month

This month, we have specially selected a beautiful Honduran bean from the GEA Womens’ Cooperative to showcase as our October coffee of the month.

Originating from greek mythology, ‘Gea’ is the ‘goddess of the earth and all creation’ and is the name that Becamo (NKG coffee exporter) gave to this particular blend of green beans made from coffees of more than 400 women producers, as a name that “embodies the determined spirit of women.”

Within the cooperative, Women producers — whether because a partner has passed away or migrated, or out of a pure passion for coffee — absolutely seize the opportunities that coffee presents. They rise before dawn to care for children and elders and tend to housekeeping, all before heading to the fields.

We roast our Honduras GEA Womens’ Cooperative to a dark roast, coaxing out subtle currant notes and toasted nut flavours with an undertone of liquorice. A slightly spiced roast, this coffee makes for a beautiful cup paired with a warm, buttery slice of toast on a cosy Autumn’s morning!