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500g bag of high continental coffee with the jw mug with green medallion overlay with slogan 'free mug'

The JW Classics Deal (500g Coffee & FREE MUG!)

To celebrate the launch of our brand new website we thought we’d bring you a truly iconic deal, celebrating who we are, what we do and our long running history here at John Watt & Son…

Back in July, we excitedly launched our very first piece of official merchandise with The JW Mug. Much to our delight, many of you too, think it really is the best vessel for a perfect brew, which is why we thought there was simply no better gift we could give to you than your very own FREE JW mug!

First roasted by accident over 100 years ago, we’ve paired our classic JW Mug with our famous High Continental. A deliciously dark high roast, legend has it, that this particular recipe was discovered by accident in 1872 when one of Mr Watt’s roasters (who will have been manually turning the roaster drum by hand in these days!) took his eye off the ball a little too long when roasting a much loved Brazilian bean. The result was an almost charred high roast with a notably strong flavour. The happy accident then proved a firm favourite amongst Cumbrian farmers, whom Watt supplied with High Continental to keep them awake during the long nights and early starts of lambing time and has been such a popular coffee with John Watt & Son customers ever since, so much so, we continue to roast to the original recipe to this day!


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