Africa Kenya PF1 Tea


Africa Kenya PF1 tea is a tea suited only for the brave or for those who really, and we mean really, want to wake up! If you have got a hard day ahead of you, this stuff will prepare you for battle. Similarly, if you had a hard day yesterday, this will boost your vigour, snapping you out of your episode of fatigue.

PF is an abbreviation for Pekoe Fannings. PF graded teas are, generally speaking, considered a low grade of tea which usually ends up, therefore, inside teabags. However, we find that this Africa Kenya PF1 tea is a perfect candidate for adding an exceptionally hefty component to any blend of tea for which it would be appropriate to do so. As a result, a lot of our favourite brews contain this bold ingredient. Although bold and robust, used in the hands of experts, the ingredient can be combined to great effect.



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