Apple Tea


Our loose apple tea is made out of a strong, caffeine-containing, Chinese black tea base. Indeed, this is a base we commonly use for many of our high-quality tea blends, as it adds that welcome, characterful kick that one looks for in a cup of good quality tea. Furthermore, this base is quite extraordinary in that it simply partners so harmoniously with so many different ingredients. Indeed, it has the benefit of being strong in its presence, yet, somewhat as if by magic, it does not overpower.

In addition to the Chinese black tea basal element of this blend, large, generously sized pieces of apple are present. The apple is, of course, an exceedingly essential ingredient in apple tea.

Thanks to the apple pieces in this loose apple tea, the freshly brewed beverage boasts a refreshing, fruity flavour that leaves one craving for more. This refreshing quality of the tea means that it really does make for an ideal summertime pick me up! Having said that, it certainly shouldn’t be shunned outside of the summer season.



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