Assam Large Leaf Tea


Assam Large Leaf Tea is unusual in that it is grown at or near sea level. It is known for its body, briskness, malty flavour, and strong, bright colour. Assam large leaf tea is perfect for a breakfast brew!

Grading: Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe: the highest proportion of tip, main grade in Assam teas.

Orange Pekoe refers to the grade of leaf in this black tea. The word Pekoe most likely derives from Chinese “pek-ho” and refers to the silver hairs on leaves of certain types of tea bush. Orange most likely comes from the association with the Dutch Royal House of Orange-Nassau, and was used by the Dutch East India Company to market their tea brought to Europe.

Flowery tells us that these are large tea leaves, which are typically plucked from new shoots and consist of two leaves and a bud.

Golden refers to the golden tip, the very end of the golden tea buds.

Tippy tells us that most of this tea is the golden tip of the tea plant.



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