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Black Cherry Tea


The dominant ingredient in our delicious black cherry loose tea is a strong Chinese black tea, which serves the purpose of a caffeine-rich base. In addition to your much-desired delivery of caffeine, when you drink this black cherry loose tea, you will also receive a welcome infusion of blackberry leaves and natural cherry flavourings. These latter two fruity ingredients bring about a balance of flavours with the Chinese black tea base. The result, we feel, really is something very special.

Blackberry leaf has been a popular addition to tea for hundreds of years. This ingredient adds a malty and slightly grassy edge to the hot beverage. In addition, the blackberry leaves have the effect of allowing the cherry flavour to shine without making the whole tea too sweet.

Did you know, in the Twentieth Century, blackberry leaves have been used traditionally as a remedy for toothache and have a number of other reported health benefits. This is thought to be most likely due to their high level of antioxidants and tannins.



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