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Bouquet Royale Tea


This Bouquet Royale Tea is a rather special tea in that it is one of our oldest infusions. An exquisite mix of fruity flavours thanks to the raspberry pieces, apple chunks and orange peel, along with the flowery scent of hibiscus flowers, creates a brew rich with character. This expertly crafted combination of fruit and floral flavours has allowed the Bouquet Royale Tea to remain a permanently popular option amongst our large range of teas.

This fruity tea, like many fruit-dominant teas, is equally delectable when served as either a hot brew or as an iced tea. The former variation is highly inviting throughout the cold months of winter. Whilst the latter, iced variation makes for an effective thirst-quenching beverage in the heat of summer.

An added bonus that you get whilst indulging in the plethora of fruity flavours that are packed into this tea, is the dose of vitamin C that comes along with it. Oranges are, of course, well known for their vitamin C content. However, rosehips are an even better source of the health-promoting vitamin!



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