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Ceylon BOP Tea


Ceylon Broken Orange Pekoe Tea is a small leaf tea that originates from the warm, tropical island that is the Republic of Sri Lanka. Prior to 1972, Sri Lanka was referred to by the name of Ceylon, which is still sometimes used today for trading purposes, hence its use in the name of this tea.

This small leaf tea is a strong black tea but with a smooth body. Ceylon Broken Orange Pekoe tea has a full, malty flavour and leaves a lovely, fruity aftertaste. What is more, it is a tea that can be thoroughly enjoyed at any time of the day.

Grading: Broken Orange Pekoe: Main broken grade.

Orange Pekoe refers to the grade of leaf in this black tea. The word Pekoe most likely derives from Chinese “pek-ho” and refers to the silver hairs on leaves of certain types of tea bush. Orange most likely comes from the association with the Dutch Royal House of Orange-Nassau, and was used by the Dutch East India Company to market the tea that they brought to Europe.

Broken-leaf tea is a tea that has been torn or broken but is still in large enough pieces to be recognizable as pieces of tea leaf.



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