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100g bag of The JW Christmas Tea

The JW Christmas Tea


Our luxurious, loose-leaf Christmas Tea is an infusion of hibiscus flowers, rosehip shells, orange peel, apple pieces & oil of clove – a truly festive blend that really does smell like Christmas in a cup & makes for the perfect companion to many a festive activity!

Those of you who enjoy tucking up by the fire on Christmas Eve after the last-minute rush, will be glad to discover that our Christmas Tea is also completely caffeine free! Leaving you suitably relaxed for a good night’s sleep, making it the perfect, winters brew to wind down before cosying up in bed and waiting for the morning snow (or let’s be honest, rain…)

Not just delicious as a warm beverage, our Christmas Tea is also a very adaptable recipe. For example, with warming spices & herbal characteristics, it provides the base for a unique Christmas tipple for those tempted by a bit of luxury… A dash of dark rum or bourbon really compliments the rich & spicy notes running throughout this tea, turning this comforting cup into a slightly more indulgent beverage to enjoy on a frosty winters evening! OR if you’re lucky enough to have any left after the festive period, we’ve found this tea tastes just as great brewed over ice as a crisp, refreshing iced tea in the warmer months! We think it’s so delicious, hot OR cold, that we stock it all your round for both your festive & summer needs so however you best enjoy our Christmas Tea, you can re-stock anytime!



1 review for The JW Christmas Tea

  1. Kirsty Houston (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious! When I first opened the packet, the wonderful scent of fruit and spices filled the air – and it tastes as great as it smells.

    I was given this as a Christmas gift and due to the pandemic I didn’t receive it until well into spring – I’m so glad that was the case because with the warmer weather I have tried it as an iced tea and it’s the best, most refreshing iced tea I’ve ever had, with no need to add any sugar! Perfectly festive and wintery as a hot tea, yet sweet and refreshing as an iced tea. Perfect for those who don’t do caffeine like me as well which is even better! Please never stop this one! Almost ready to order a second pack!

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