Cinnamon Tea


A sniff of our cinnamon loose tea is all it takes to summon up merry thoughts of Christmas time! Not surprisingly, this a wintertime favourite.

This cinnamon tea has a strong Chinese black tea base that will deliver a delightful dose of caffeine. In addition to the Chinese black tea leaves that make up the base, chunks of the essential ingredient, cinnamon bark, are mixed generously into the blend. As you can most likely imagine, a hot cup of this stuff is exactly what you need when it’s cold outside!

Did you know that cinnamon has been a prized spice for thousands of years? Knowledge of the spice’s medicinal properties goes back millennia! According to healthline, scientific research shows that cinnamon has the ability to lower blood glucose levels and reduce risk factors related to heart disease, and a whole lot more.

When you drink our cinnamon tea, not only do you saturate your tastebuds with utter deliciousness, you could be benefiting your health too.



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