Darjeeling Second Flush Tea


This Darjeeling Second Flush Tea is a full-bodied tea, which produces a musky, amber coloured cup. Second Flush refers to the harvest period from June to mid-August.

When comparing this tea to Darjeeling First Flush teas, this one has a darker colour and stronger flavour.

This tea is unique because it brings that muscatel flavour that Darjeeling is known for, this is due to the combination of climate, topography and plant types.

Grading:  Super Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe- Grade 1

Grade 1 means that this is an exceptionally good pick of the tea in its season.

Orange Pekoe refers to the grade of leaf in this black tea. Flowery tells us that these are large tea leaves, which are typically plucked from new shoots and consist of two leaves and a bud. Golden refers to the golden tip, the very end of the golden tea buds. Tippy tells us that most of this tea is the golden tip of the tea plant. Super Fine is a sign that this tea is made up of the best parts of the tea plant on the best piece of land and is of exceptionally good quality.



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