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Darjeeling Standard Tea


This is our Darjeeling Standard Tea; an unusually robust version of the well-known Darjeeling teas. The standard tea is most renowned for its delicate flavour. Through the use of the broken leaf, an element of spiciness accompanies the traditional floral, thin body that is characteristic of most Darjeeling teas.

Grading: Tippy Golden Broken Orange Pekoe: a high grade broken leaf tea with a large proportion of golden tips.

  • Orange Pekoe refers to the grade of leaf in this black tea.
  • Broken-leaf tea is a tea that consists of tea leaves that have been torn or broken but which are still in large enough pieces to be recognizable as pieces of leaf.
  • Golden refers to the golden tip, the very end of the golden tea buds.
  • Tippy tells us that most of this tea is the golden tip of the tea plant.

This tea is a must-have for any Darjeeling tea drinker. It would be a big mistake to let the ‘Standard’ in its name fool you into thinking it is of mediocre quality. We recommending giving this one a try and then judging for yourself. We feel you will be in for a pleasant surprise.



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