Decaffeinated Ceylon OP Tea


Decaffeinated Ceylon OP Tea is a mild, decaffeinated breakfast tea, which, although a breakfast tea, is perfect for drinking the whole day. Due to the lack of caffeine, you could even indulge in a nice hot cup of this tea right before bed. You can rest assured that it won’t negatively affect your quality of sleep. In fact, you may even dream about the delicious tea that you drank!

Too often, you sacrifice the taste of a proper cup of tea when you remove the caffeine; however, we believe that this decaf version of Ceylon tea is one of the nicest tasting decaffeinated teas around. Therefore, if you are looking for a tea that is free of caffeine, we can highly recommend this one. We are extremely confident that you won’t be disappointed!

Ceylon teas are grown at high altitudes. As a result, the leaves tend to be naturally smaller than many other teas. This has the benefit of concentrating the nutrients and compounds in the leaves to produce a beverage that brims with full flavour.



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  1. jonathan.hammond

    This is now my preferred choice of everyday tea.

    If you want a decaffeinated tea, then I doubt you could do better than this one. It’s a relatively mild tea, but still full of flavour. If I didn’t know it was decaffeinated, i wouldn’t be able to tell. In fact, buy it anyway. It’s really nice.

    The leaf size is a little larger than what I was previously using, which means both that it takes up a little more room in the tin, and it takes a little longer to brew. But it’s definitely worth waiting for.

    I have to admit that I was a little surprised at the price when I bought my first 200g but, nonetheless, I shall be buying more.

  2. Peter Johnston

    Thank you for your kind comments and your support

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