Double Wall 3 Cup Stainless Steel Cafetiere


This 3 cup stainless steel cafetiere is the ideal accessory for brewing our freshly roasted coffee and keeping it warm in your kitchen, office or dining room. There’s no longer any need to rush your coffee-drinking experience with this double-walled stainless steel cafetiere.

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The elegant Le’Xpress bell-shaped, double-walled, stainless steel cafetiere keeps coffee warmer for longer. Therefore, with this device, you no longer have to feel rushed during your coffee time due to concerns about the next mug being unpleasantly cool. Rather, your coffee break can be a leisurely, unhurried event from which you can gain maximum enjoyment.

Thanks to a stainless steel insulating wall, the pot keeps coffee hot inside whilst, at the same time, its outer wall remains cool to the touch. As a result, the cafetiere is comfortable to handle.

With a stylish, mirror-polished finish, this cafetiere will fit right in with your kitchen or dining area. It is also a handy little device that you can take to work or keep in your office. Use your cafetiere with our freshly roasted coarse-ground coffee for that useful energy boost and increased focus that comes in so handy during your work day.

An eight cup (1 litre) cafetiere is also available.

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