Edinburgh Blend Tea


This tea is what you could call a get-you-out-of-bed brew. The Ceylon tea base is light but still robust and the addition of the Kenya tea leaves gives this tea some real oomph! If you want to feel a good kick, then this is the tea for you!



Our Edinburgh Blend Tea is blended in tribute to our Scottish customers. This is our best copy of the famous, world-renowned Edinburgh tea. The Ceylon tea base is light but with a robustness that we think you’ll be delighted with. In addition, the Ceylon tea is combined with a Kenya tea that will give your morning brew some real oomph! In fact, another apt name for this Edinburgh blend would be ‘Get-you-out-of-bed tea’!

Did you have a later-than-usual night last night? Perhaps you had a few too many? Do you need a boost of energy? Is high focus and concentration required of you today? Maybe you’ve run out of coffee? You can rest assured, in all of these cases, our Edinburgh tea will save the day!

If you haven’t got this tea at home or in the work place already, then you can be confident that you’ve got a hole that needs filling!

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Additional information

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