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El Jaguar

El Jaguar


El Jaguar Coffee

This El Jaguar Coffee from Mexico is a dark roast. Its dark chocolate aroma and smooth, round body truly astounded both our tasting team and customers in a blind taste test.

The sound of the second crackle is our cue during roasting that the beans have reached their optimal state. Once cooled to room temperature they are ready to be packaged and sent for delivery.

The Origin of El Jaguar Coffee

This dark roast coffee is grown by a small number of producers in Mexico. More specifically, this El Jaguar coffee originates from the high-altitudes of the Sierra Madre, which borders the biosphere reserve known as El Triunfo. The reserve is the most diverse evergreen forest in the whole of Mexico.

A humid climate that is warm by day and cool by night proves to be ideal for the growth of this coffee. Coupled with excellent soil quality, the perfect environmental conditions are met to produce a remarkable speciality coffee.

Harvesting takes place from December through to and including March. The harvested cherries are first de-pulped, then fermented, washed, and finally sundried.

The Arabica beans are of the Caturra, Catuai and Bourbon varieties and are strictly high grown (SHG). This means that the plantations are situated at 1200 metres above sea level or higher. At these high altitudes, the beans develop slower and maturation takes longer. However, although the time between harvests is longer, the resulting beans take on unique, highly-cherished qualities.

An aroma redolent of spices, cinnamon and dark chocolate teams up with notes of vanilla and tangerineThe body is round and boasts a brown-sugar and caramel sweetness.


El Jaguar

A full-bodied, dark roast from Mexico with aromas of spiced cinnamon & dark chocolate

Tasting notes of vanilla, brown sugar, caramel, hints of tangerine & a touch of tobacco.

SHG (Strictly High Grown)

El jaguar


3 reviews for El Jaguar

  1. Peter Johnston (verified owner)

    Fabulous coffee and amazing service. Easy to use on line service and it all arrives in a few days. Brilliant. Thank you.

  2. Paul Haigh (verified owner)

    Lovely coffee and great value especially with the 3 for 2 on kg packs. My only problem is trying to decide whether to go with this again or try something else…

  3. John Harper (verified owner)

    I bought a bean to cup coffee machine a couple of years ago. Since then, I must have tried about 50 different types of bean. This is the best by a long way. Smooth but rich & full flavoured. The roast is just right too.

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