El Salvador Dos Soles


These Fair-traded green beans, which are farmed in a manner that shows consideration for the environment, are roasted between medium and dark and produce a creamy, buttery mouth with a honey-like sweetness, perfect for everyday drinking.



Our El Salvador coffee is made from green beans that are roasted between medium and dark. The beans brew to produce a creamy, buttery feel in the mouth with a honey-like sweetness. This is a coffee that can be thoroughly enjoyed for everyday drinking.

The Siglo XXI Cooperative of RL de CV was legally founded on March 17, 2000, with 21 organized coffee producers. They were initially concerned about the issue of marketing, and tired of being victims of abuse by coyotes and intermediaries who do not pay or recognize the quality of coffee origin of their associates. The success of the export is based on maintaining their farms under environmentally friendly certification systems and a continuous quality improvement process. This, in turn,  satisfies the demands of their buyers.

The cooperative is situated in Cuidad Arce, between Santa Ana & San Salvador.


El Salvador Dos Soles – Details at a Glance

Origin: El Salvador
Estate: Siglo XX1 Cooperative
Altitude: SHG
Processing: Fully washed, air-dried

Additional Information

Additional information

Bean or Ground

Fine Ground for Espresso, Medium Ground for Filter, Coarse Ground for Cafetiere, Bean Only

Pack Size - Coffee

x1kg, x500g, 250g

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