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Espresso 1865


Our Espresso 1865 blend has been handed down through the generations and is a closely guarded secret. The preparation is still artisan roasted fresh for our customers. The current owners were handed the recipe in an envelope with the shop keys when they bought the business! They were instructed never to reveal the recipe.

In many ways, this coffee is the cornerstone of the John Watt and Son business.

Great Taste 2017 - One Star

We have won a Great Taste 1 Star Award from the Guild of Fine Foods for our artisan roasted Espresso. The judges described the blend as being an “Interesting coffee. Forceful on the palate. This is deep and quite complex. Warm milk rounded it well. An undemanding drink that satisfies and offers an interesting mix of flavours. A clever blend.” Fine praise indeed!

For further information on our great taste award and the process of how it was awarded.


We use our Espresso 1865 as our core drink across all 6 cafes we operate, and we supply numerous wholesale customers across the country with it.

A closely guarded, secret recipe blend using dark roasted beans with a smoky aroma.

Tasting notes of blackberry, black cherry, a caramel body & a hint of bittersweet chocolate to finish.

Blended in house

Espresso 1865


2 reviews for Espresso 1865

  1. A Lane (verified owner)

    Smooth to drink, easy on the palate and I could drink it all day long

  2. Peter Johnston (verified owner)

    We love coffee… and use an Italian Moka pot. Our Daughter lives between Penrith and Carlisle. We visted her over Christmas and she had bought us a packet of your fine ground 1845 Espresso. Would just like to let you know it is our absolute favourite coffee. Thank you, will treat ourselves to an online purchase ocassionally .. as we are in Warwickshire.

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