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medium Roast
Ana Suri Guji

Ethiopia Sidamo Ana Suri Guji (G1)


Ana Suri Guji coffee is produced on a private farm owned by Israel Degfa, it covers 250 hectares, of which 150 is currently used for coffee production. It is situated alongside the river Turo and at an extremely high altitude near the town of Yirgacheffe, this allows for slower maturation of the coffee cherry and gives more time for the plant to develop.

Cherries are hand-sorted for unripe and overripe before they go into flotation tanks, where the cherries are covered with water. Any cherries that float are removed. Whole, ripe cherries are then dried in the sunshine on raised African drying beds laid out on hessian cloths for about 15-18 days, depending on weather conditions.

In the cup, Ana Suri Guji is an amazing Ethiopian natural with a clean taste with hints of blueberry juice, and a floral aroma.


Ana Suri Guji – Details at a Glance

Origin: Ethiopia
Estate/Region: Yirgacheffe
Altitude: 1900 – 2300 metres
Varietal: Wild Varietals
Processing: Natural, sun-dried
Grade: G1 -For Ethiopian coffee

A balanced, medium roast from Ethiopia with a light aroma of toasted sugar.

Tasting notes of sweet blueberry, sugar cane & a hint of fresh peach.

Sun dried

Ana Suri Guji



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