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medium Roast

Fairtrade Costa Rica Medium


The Costa Rica medium roast Fairtrade coffee is produced through a cooperative located in the south of the country. The cooperative, Cooprosanvito, has built a thriving and sustainable business that supports the livelihoods of 850 farmers and their families. The cooperative was founded in 1965 with environmental sustainability high on their list of priorities, this is to ensure that they are able to produce this high-quality coffee for many years to come.

Cooprosanvito delivers a classic Costa Rican Arabica flavour profile, produced using a combination of traditional and innovative methods.

The medium roast enhances the full body and excellent aroma of this bean, the citrus acidity and the nutty aftertaste that Costa Rican coffee is renowned for.

Costa Rica Medium Roast – Details at a Glance

Origin: Costa Rica
Estate: San Vito
Varieties: Caturra
Certification: Fairtrade
Harvest Year: 2016
Processing: Wet Processed

A full-bodied, medium roast from Costa Rica with aromas of malted biscuit.

Tasting notes of slight citrus acidity, biscuit, hints of raspberry & a smoky, nutty aftertaste.

Wet processed

Fairtrade Costa Rica Medium



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