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medium Roast

Fairtrade High Mountain Blend


This is our very own High Mountain Blend coffee, inspired by the original owner’s love of the Lake District Fells. The Lake District is the biggest national park in England, and many people are of the opinion that it is, indeed, the lushest and most beautiful of them all. Within its boundaries are the highest mountains, the deepest valleys and the longest lake in England, namely Lake Windermere, its length 10.5 miles.

The Fairtrade High Mountain Blend coffee consists of Fairtrade Colombian and Fairtrade Costa Rica beans, which we roast to the first crackle. This medium to light roast gives the coffee beans fruity, chocolatey notes, with a well-rounded body and lively citrus acidity.

The Arabica coffee beans are grown on the San Vito and Antioquia/Medellin estates in Costa Rica and Colombia. The coffee varieties are the well-known Caturra and Bourbon.

The certified Fairtrade status of the coffees means that you can trust that the farmers involved have been paid a fair wage for their hard work. One of our criteria when sourcing coffee is that it has been ethically produced; therefore, the Fairtrade High Mountain Blend coffee fits perfectly into our range.

Origin: Costa Rica, Colombia
Estate: San Vito, Antioquia/Medellin
Varieties: Caturra, Bourbon
Certification: Fairtrade
Processing: Wet Processed, Washed & Sun-Dried

A blend of medium roast beans from Colombia & Costa Rica with an aroma of chocolate.

Tasting notes of citrus fruit, forest berries & a hint of chocolate.

Washed & Sun dried.

Fairtrade High Mountain



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