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Fairtrade Nicaraguan


Our Fairtrade Nicaraguan coffee comes from the mountainous northwest region of Nicaragua. It is a Strictly High Grown coffee, meaning that the coffee was grown at high altitudes. More specifically, strictly high grown coffee is grown at no less than 1200 metres above sea level. This allows the bean to develop slower, resulting in a denser, higher-quality, harder and more nutritious bean. Therefore, you may see the term interchangeably used with ‘Strictly Hard Bean’.

The flavour of this coffee summons up fruits to the mind, such as prune, peaches and strawberries. Notes of vanilla accompany these fruits to elicit utter excitement for your taste buds.

We are happy to say that this exceptional Fairtrade Nicaraguan coffee has won us a Great Taste 1 Star Award from the Guild of Fine Foods. The judges said, “There is a good acidity on the palate which could be orange, with milk chocolate sweetness on the finish that lingered for some time.”

Great Taste 2017 - One Star

Origin: Nicaragua
Estate/Region: Jinotega
Varieties: Bourbon, Caturra, Typica
Certification: Fairtrade
Processing: Washed, patio dried
Grade: SHG EP

A gentle, medium roast from North-Western Nicaragua with aroma of warm vanilla.

Tasting notes of peach, strawberry, hints of vanilla & slight hint of prune.

SHG EP (Strictly High Grown European Preparation)

Fairtrade Nicaraguan



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