Formosa Oolong Tea


Originating from Taiwan, this loose leaf tea sits between a classic Black Tea and a lot of Green Teas, in its classification. It is produced through a meticulous process by which Formosa leaves are carefully selected from Taiwan’s mountainous tea growing regions. Once picked, these leaves are then left to wither in the sun under close observation until only the edges of the leaves start to turn brown. Once this browning begins, the leaves are then swiftly put into ovens to be fired immediately in order to stop the oxidisation process. This gives the final brew its distinctively sweet and notably pleasant, slightly fruity flavour and taste, boasting a beautifully subtle peach aroma when brewed.

With a glowing amber colour, not only does our Formosa Oolong make for a very pretty cup; it also serves as an ideal digestif after food or as a light breakfast companion!

For the best experience, we recommend serving this tea without milk.



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