Gunpowder Green Tea


Our loose leaf gunpowder green tea is a Chinese green tea. This is a form of green tea that has been rolled after being steamed to prevent the leaves from breaking and to preserve the flavour for longer.

The name of this loose leaf gunpowder green tea comes from its resemblance to rolled pellets of gunpowder used in early guns and its tendency to unfurl (or explode) when brewed. Whilst our Gunpowder Green Tea can smell slightly minty, the flavour is stronger and smokier than most green teas with a pleasant coppery aftertaste.

The trick is not to over brew green teas. It is best to boil your water and leave it for about 2-3 minutes to cool and then brew your green tea for no longer than 3 minutes. This allows the fresh spring grass flavour to come out but not the bitter edge that puts many people off green tea.



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