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High Continental

High Continental


This High Continental Coffee Blend is produced from Rainforest Alliance accredited beans. The Rainforest Alliance certification seal means that the coffee was produced by farmers who farm in a way that is harmonious with nature. Therefore, you can buy this coffee with the knowledge that you are supporting sustainable practices.

The High Continental Blend gives a strong, dark coffee that is perfect for anyone needing a boost in energy and concentration. It is notably popular amongst night-shift workers for this reason.

We roast the Arabica beans until they have finished crackling and the smoke has gone from white to black. This is just before the point that they would catch fire if roasting continued. In fact, we only roast these beans very early in the morning to avoid smoking out our neighbours! A strong but smooth coffee is produced as a result of the lengthier-than-average roast.

The coffee has a distinctive oily sheen to it and the aroma is strong and unmistakable, so you can expect a real sensory overload.

People have often thanked us for their morning caffeine fix whilst standing at the end of Blackfriars Street as we roast our High Continental Coffee! It is “The best smell in Carlisle”, so we’ve been told. We couldn’t agree more!

High Continental Coffee Details

The High Continental Coffee’s country of origin is Brazil, the king of coffee production. It is sourced from various estates in the Santos region.

Bourbon and Caturra are the two coffee varieties that make up the blend.

The harvested cherry is dry processed.

A Rainforest Alliance, sustainably source, rich, high roast with a smokey aroma.

Tasting notes of old tobacco & heavy bodied hints of a light smokiness.

HGEP (High Grown European Preparation)

High Continental


3 reviews for High Continental

  1. Glen Davis (verified owner)

    A very nice smooth coffee – a favourite!

  2. Duncan (verified owner)

    I purchased some of these beans from your stall at Moffat Market recently, just want to say I love it
    rich dark coffee at its best

  3. Harriet Smith

    Just tried your High Continental Coffee for the first time, oh boy does that hit the spot, plenty of oumph but no bitterness, it will now be added to my list of must buys. Thank you! – Margaret Lisle

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