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dark Roast

Honduran Santa Rosa


Our Honduran Santa Rosa is a dark-roast coffee. It is a High Grown European Preparation (HGEP) bean with a flavourful depth and rich roasting profile.

Only hand-sorted beans are classified as suitable for a High Grown European Preparation, meaning these beans have undergone a very careful sorting process to ensure the best quality and most delicious coffee. By selectively improving and blending the main Central American Arabica varieties of coffee plants.

We’ve taken our Honduran Santa Rosa to a beautifully balanced, dark roast, slightly lighter than our other Honduras that we offer. It therefore harnesses a lighter body and mouthfeel, boasting delicious flavours of smooth cherry with a sprinkling of grapefruit across the palette.

Our coffee bags are made of low density polyethylene (LDPE) coated with a very thin layer of EVOH – an environmentally friendly barrier plastic. This combination of materials means our coffee bags are 100% recyclable and that our coffee is kept incredibly fresh. 

A rich, dark roast with a well-balanced body & a slightly fruity aroma.

Tasting notes of smooth cherry & a hint of a bright grapefruit flavour.

HGEP (High Grown European Preparation)




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