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John Watt 1865

John Watt 1865


Freshly roasted John Watt 1865 is our original house coffee blend, which we have roasted nearly every day since we opened in 1865. This understated blend generates amazing feedback and 5-star reviews. We get asked a lot about which specific varietals are in it. However, the precise blend is a secret recipe, which we keep very close to our chests.

The John Watt 1865 blend is a medium roast coffee that is best prepared in a cafetière or with a filter. But please don’t let us dictate how you drink our coffee. Furthermore, we find this coffee to be an enjoyable drink at all times of the day.

If you walk into our cafe in Bank Street in Carlisle and ask for “just a coffee”, this is what you will get!

Sure to be freshly roasted, this smooth blend with a medium body and a nutty aftertaste, is perfect for drinking all day and every day, whether it’s morning, afternoon or evening.

A well rounded medium roast blend made to our very own secret recipe first created in 1865.

Tasting notes of hazelnut, earthiness, a hint of grapefruit & a slightly nutty aftertaste.

(secret recipe)

John Watt 1865


4 reviews for John Watt 1865

  1. Peter Johnston (verified owner)

    It is a few months since I last ordered, but that indicates only that during lock-down I have felt obliged to use up some other beans I’ve had in stock for a while but previously put to one side in favour of yours. Having done my duty, I’m looking forward to having 1865 – quite simply the best coffee I’ve tasted

  2. N. Darrant (verified owner)

    A great all day coffee. I still order it now, even though I live in Epsom.

  3. B Clark (verified owner)

    This blend and grind remains the best I’ve discovered in 40 years of coffee drinking. I used to roast my own, but in recent years as decent coffee has become more available I have bought ready-roasted and ground the beans myself – mainly Kenyan Peaberry, Brazilian, Columbian. I’m using some single estate self-ground Kenyan at present – having run out of 1865 – but I still rate your 1865 blend better.

  4. Tessa White (verified owner)

    Enjoyable coffee made in my perculator lovely flavour

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