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John Watt Breakfast Blend

John Watt’s Breakfast Tea


John Watt’s breakfast loose leaf tea blend is a splendidly robust and traditional breakfast tea.

This breakfast tea is a black tea that is made from a blend of Assam tea and Ceylon tea, which originate from Sri Lanka and India.

This tasty brew has a deep, malty flavour and makes a nice, dark-coloured beverage, a colour that can be most accurately described as dark amber. Moreover, the tea can be enjoyed equally with or without milk, and so our breakfast blend lends a useful degree of flexibility in this regard.

A cup of our breakfast tea, with its energy-boosting caffeine content, is the perfect wake-me-up solution in the morning. In fact, this delicious loose leaf tea won’t just help you get through the day, it will allow you to own the day! As a result of this direct effect, many of our customers are devoted John Watt Breakfast Tea drinkers and incorporate a cup of it into their daily morning routine.


John Watt’s Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea – Details at a Glance

Type of Tea – Black
Origin – Sri Lanka & India
Colour in Cup – Dark Amber
Tasting notes – Deep and Malty


1 review for John Watt’s Breakfast Tea

  1. Chris Booty (verified owner)

    I searched for many years for a Breakfast blend to match the one i used to get at jackson’s of piccadilly in the 1970s. Finally found it – and actually even better. not to be confused with the offerings of supermarkets and the big companies which invariably are lacking in flavour.

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