The JW Jubilee Tea


2022 saw The Queen become the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee after 70 years of service on the throne. Here at John Watt & Son, we wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate Her Majesty’s historic reign with a traditional tea, blended to a recipe from the JW archive.

First blended in 1977 in celebration of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, our Jubilee Tea is a classic and well-balanced blend of Darjeeling Standard and classic Keemun tea leaves to create a quintessential cup, that is sure to steal the show at any celebratory tea party!

Our Darjeeling Standard is a rounded and robust variety of the popular Darjeeling tea , most renowned for its delicate flavour and broken leaf. This broken leaf provides a bit of a spicy edge to the traditional floral characteristics and light body of most Darjeeling teas making this a truly unique brew.

This delicious Darjeeling is then paired with our Keemun leaf for this special edition Jubilee blend. Our Keemun Black Aster is famous for being one of the first Chinese teas ever to be imported into Europe and rapidly became a firm favourite amongst Victorian society! Not only does this particular tea have an age-old reputation, but also boasts many layers of nuanced flavour. With smoky, malty and a sprinkling of nutty notes, this tea makes for the perfect base to many a mouth-watering blend and is a match made in heaven with our Darjeeling Standard.



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