Keemun Black Aster Tea


Keemun Black Aster is a black tea, perhaps most well known as being famous for being one of the first Chinese teas ever to be imported into Europe. Upon which, it rapidly became a firm favourite amongst Victorian society and has been a tea staple ever since!

Not only does this particular tea have an age-old reputation, but also boasts many layers of nuanced flavour. With smoky, malty and a sprinkling of nutty notes. with its well balanced qualities, Keemun Black Aster makes for the perfect, strong base to many a tea blend – for example, we use it in our Strawberry, Rose Congou and JW Jubilee teas for just the right amount of depth.

It’s a leaf that responds well to a slightly longer brew to make the most of that full flavour. so don’t be afraid to let this tea sit for up to four minutes whilst you wait for your brew to make the truly perfect cup!



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