La Cimbali S15

Offering a wide variety of drinks and endless ways to satisfy the tastes of a diverse customer base, the La Cimbali S15 is perfect for offices, hotels and small businesses.


The La Cimbali S15 is the newest addition to Cimbali’s super-automatic range – a compact, but incredibly impressive coffee machine boasting agile, intuitive technology that even the most inexperienced baristas could use.

The standout feature of this incredible machine is the technology. S15 can communicate with other devices or users via Wi-Fi, allowing the barista to monitor the machine’s efficiency, effectively manage its maintenance and offer the best service possible. You can even customise drinks from your smartphone or tablet, and deliver impeccable drinks at the touch of a button.

Whether you want to serve coffee, tea, cappuccinos or even hot chocolates, the Cimbali S15 guarantees to deliver exceptional quality and, with a soluble hopper, can be divided in two so that two different powders can be used at the same time.

Cimbali S15, although small in size, has the power to produce up to 150 cups of perfection every day, and with an automatic washing system, you won’t have to worry about cleaning at the end of the day.

Available in different versions, it’s possible to have up to two grinder/dispensers to offer a wide range of international drinks and coffees, giving you plenty of options to suit every desire your customers may have.

The S15 features an intuitive 7” touchscreen display with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to customise your favourite drinks with names, icons and backgrounds for each selection. With this fantastic feature, you can deliver exceptional customer service due to the machine’s ability to remember your preferences and drink orders.

Finally, it is always connected and, thanks to the Cup4You app, it allows users to remotely manage their order.

Smart performance. Smart drinks. There is an S15 for every need.

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