La Cimbali S20

Welcome to your premium coffee experience. LaCimbali knows just how important every drink is for your customers. That is why the La Cimbali S20 is designed to guarantee a wide and varied range to satisfy every palate, always with maximum quality guaranteed.


The new S20 enhances the La Cimbali super-automatic range with a perfect solution for many locations. Thanks to its built-in soluble hot chocolate system, you can also offer a wide and varied drinks menu, always guaranteeing the highest quality.

Featuring outstanding technology, the S20 is capable of communicating with other devices and users via the integrated bidirectional Wi-Fi system, which makes updating software, setting recipes and customising background images simple and intuitive.

Cimbali S20 is the ideal tool for offering a unique and unforgettable taste experience. Thanks to the preheated metal group head, you can achieve outstanding results with a guarantee of consistent extraction over time.

Boasting an Italian design and based on traditional machines, the powerful S20 has the capability to produce up to 200 high-quality cups every day, and will even clean itself at the end of the day via the automatic washing system.

The user-friendly, tempered glass 7” touchscreen display allows you to see different options on the drinks menu and to customise images displayed by the machine. You can also assist the customer when choosing their drink with video clips and animations. It is very simple and very intuitive.

With dual bean hoppers and a built-in soluble chocolate system, the S20 guarantees optimal soluble delivery, offering just the “heart” of chocolate.

LaCimbali S20 can be configured in Power Station mode for simultaneous supply of milk-based beverages from two adjacent machines, using only one fridge and thus optimising the workspace. It truly is an outstanding performance in any space.

A flexible and intelligent machine, the S20 will go above and beyond your expectations.

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