La Cimbali S30

As a big player in the automatic coffee machine industry, LaCimbali understands just how important perfection is for your customers. For this reason, the S30 is designed to produce a wide range of beverages to suit every taste, always guaranteeing the best quality and impeccable taste.


New to the super-automatic range from La Cimbali, the S30 offers an unparalleled experience and, thanks to its distinctive features, encourages innovative interaction with the machine.

The Titanium S30 grinders are very robust and are built to last. The Perfect Grinding System, exclusive to LaCimbali, continuously monitors the coffee delivery parameters and automatically re-grinds and doses if necessary, ensuring consistency in delivery and optimal extraction quality.

Amongst the super-automatic range, the S30 houses the largest touchscreen at 10.4”, and offers endless customisation possibilities through the revolutionary and incredibly intuitive display. Featuring tempered glass for that premium feel, the touchscreen is of the highest quality and is a joy to use.

Similar to the S15 and S20, the new S30 boasts outstanding technology and is capable of communicating with other devices and users via the integrated bidirectional Wi-Fi system, which makes updating software, setting recipes and customising background images simple and intuitive.

The new S30 can prepare both hot or cold frothed milk, further expanding the already impressive menu with recipes made with coffee, hot chocolate, cold and hot frothed milk. Also, the new Turbosteam Cold Touch steam wand is covered by a specific insulating and non-stick material that keeps it cold before, during and after the delivery of steam. This solution guarantees ease in cleaning by avoiding the presence of milk residues after use.

S30 is equipped with two boilers made from premium stainless steel. The new coffee boiler performs better than ever and allows for more consistency in the delivery of certain beverages such as Coffee Cream and Americanos. The patented Smart Boiler system optimises the performance of hot water and steam, allowing you to keep up with the fast pace of peak times.

Featuring a classic Italian design and based on traditional machines, the powerful S30 has the capability to produce up to 300 high-quality cups every day, and will even clean itself at the end of the day via the automatic washing system.

The La Cimbali S30 is designed to go beyond your expectations. Welcome to the revolution of touch.

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