LaCimbali Elective Grinder

LaCimbali considers the perfect coffee to be an idea that is continuously evolving. The LaCimbali Elective Grinder contributes magically to the next stage of that evolutionary process.


If you are looking for a grinder, then the LaCimbali Elective Grinder is more than worthy of your time and attention.

For LaCimbali, the quality of a cup of coffee isn’t just about the bean, the roasting process, or even that all-important first sip. They view the perfect coffee as an idea in constant evolution.

Welcome to the world of Elective.

Elective has the capability to connect and interact with LaCimbali’s most technologically advanced machines, giving it maximum versatility and flawless quality in every cup, guaranteed. Equipped with a Bluetooth system, it can even communicate with the LaCimbali M100, M39TE and M34, thanks to PGS technology.

LaCimbali have constructed this powerful machine to boast a compact design with a new Inverter motor, ensuring optimal use in confined spaces and a completely new way of grinding. Elective also features a perfectly balanced hopper, which can be located safely on any worktop and makes the Elective very simple to control.

Built with the user in mind, the 4.3” touchscreen display is incredibly intuitive and completely customisable – not just in appearance, but in grinding settings too, allowing you to get consistent results every time. The barista has the power to configure programmes to their liking, or use a set of pre-programmed settings instead.

On top of the display screen functionalities mentioned, Elective also guides the barista through a tailored cleaning regime that is designed specifically for this machine. Cleaning any coffee machine can be a difficult task, and the most important elements are often overlooked – with Elective, no stone is left unturned, and the user will be shown exactly what to clean and how to do it.

Although not striking to the naked eye, it packs a powerful punch on the inside. Elective features a low-energy consumption inverter, ensuring consistent standards even during peak times. Not only that, the ventilation system is able to hold a constant temperature across the grinder, beans and ground coffee, guaranteeing an unaltered, uncompromised coffee.
Simply stated, Elective is a dream to work with.

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