LaCimbali M26 TE DT/2 Thermodrive

The LaCimbali M26 is a versatile machine made of steel and ABS and equipped with a LaCimbali heating system to guarantee excellent quality in the cup.


The LaCimbali M26 machine makes it incredibly easy to create the perfect espresso every time. This machine was built with the user in mind, featuring a truly beautiful design and an ergonomic layout. The simple yet elegant button panel offers a wide range of options to suit whatever mood you’re in, and is very easy and intuitive to use.

Not only is it simple to use, the M26 comes equipped with LaCimbali’s trademark reliability and is built to last. It is made from steel and ABS, and boasts a premium look, giving the user a sense of grandeur and a glimpse into the Italian art of the barista.

The M26 it is fitted with LaCimbali’s signature thermal system that ensures consistent brewing and exceptional quality in every cup – never drink a bad cup of coffee again.

Those conscious about energy consumption will benefit from the featured Economiser and Energy Saving Light – designed to maintain boiler temperature, and reduce consumption when inactive. With this machine, you can keep your coffee consumption up whilst keeping your energy consumption down.

With versatility in mind, the M26 is available in one-group, two-group, compact two-group, three-group and Tall Cup versions, giving you plenty of tailored options to meet your exact needs. It’s difficult to find a machine built to such a high standard that also features an incredibly ergonomic design, a premium look, and plenty of variety in sizes – this is exactly what you get with the LaCimbali M26.

Coffee lovers looking to upgrade their morning routine with a truly outstanding machine need look no further. The M26 turns beans to espresso in no time at all, and allows the coffee to fully express its addictive aroma, intense flavours and distinctive character for a true Italian-cafe quality result.

Beautiful. Simple. Effective. The LaCimbali M26 has it all – it is satisfaction guaranteed.

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