Lemon and Rosehip Tea


Our lemon and rosehip tea is a fruity, flowery potpourri consisting of apple, hibiscus flowers, rosehip shells and lots of lemon pieces.

This loose tea will not just provide you with a hot beverage chock full of fruity flavours, but a hefty dose of vitamin C too. In fact, rosehips are an even better source of this essential vitamin than lemons! Therefore, you can merrily revel in the aroma of this appetizing tea knowing that you are also doing your health a favour at the same time as satisfying your herbal tea needs!

Not surprisingly, this tea is considered an old fashioned British ‘pick me up’ blend, which is perfect for making you feel better when you are down in the blues or feeling under the weather! Sadly, we are all hit by such days from time to time. But with a pack of ‘pick me up’ tea in the kitchen cupboard, you will soon be back in shape and owning your day!



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