Lemon Tea


Our lemon flavoured loose leaf tea with citrus peel has a strong Chinese black tea base blended with strips of lemon peel. This is a fresh and refreshing brew with a sherbet-like smell. It makes a great base for other teas too, and so is great for homemade blends.



Our lemon flavoured loose leaf tea consists of a strong Chinese black tea base. In addition to this base, small strips of lemon peel are added to the blend. The resulting loose leaf tea produces a brew that is both fresh and refreshing. Therefore, this tea can be enjoyed equally on a warm or cold day.

The Chinese tea base delivers a welcome boost of caffeine, while the lemon peel provides a citrusy flavour. Additionally, a sherbet-like smell is given off to delight your senses even more. It may even summon up feelings of nostalgia, as childhood memories of eating sherbet are brought to the mind.

We use this tea as a base for a lot of our blends, as it is a very flexible ingredient. For example, you could experiment with mixing this lemon tea with our ginger tea for a real “pick me up” brew! This is an excellent way for you to impress your guests with your homemade concoctions. The possibilities are quite literally endless.

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