Le’Xpress Italian Style Cup Espresso Maker


This a traditional, Italian style, simple-to-operate, stovetop espresso maker for making a single portion of deliciously rich coffee. Three-cup and six-cup models are available.


The Le’Xpress Italian Style Cup Espresso Maker is a traditional, Italian-style, stovetop espresso maker. It is used for making a single portion of lovely, rich coffee.

This Espresso Maker is designed to brew superior tasting coffee by forcing high-pressure water through ground coffee. The resulting infusion is an exceptional, full-bodied coffee with remarkable flavour.

The espresso maker is very simple to operate. It provides a means of preparing a rich espresso with a fuller roasted flavour in literally just minutes.

The device features a long-lasting, high-temperature silicone gasket, and is suitable for all heat sources apart from induction. You can even benefit from this authentic, espresso-making device whilst camping in the great outdoors for that much-needed energy boost or morning kick.

The Le’Xpress Espresso Maker is available as a 3-cup or 6-cup model, giving you the choice of whichever size is most efficient for you.

For anyone searching for a more affordable alternative to espresso machines, the Le’Xpress Italian Style Cup Espresso Maker fits the bill nicely.

This item is made of aluminium metal, due to its excellent heat conductance, but also for its durability. As a result, you can rely on your new Italian-style espresso maker to produce a perfect espresso for you for years to come.

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