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Mexican Water Process Decaf

Mexican Water Process Decaf


Our Mexican Mountain Water Process Decaf coffee is 99.9% caffeine-free.

Water® Process is a method to decaffeinate selected speciality coffee that is 100% chemical-free using an internally developed process. The “Mountain” in the process’s name comes from the fact that pure water from the highest mountain in Mexico is used in this method of decaffeinating coffee beans. To delve into the finer details, visit our partner’s website, Interamerica.

Interamarica is passionate about supporting sustainability and health in coffee growing regions. Additionally, they support causes that impact water conservation and partner with Grounds for Health.

While the water process method doesn’t use chemicals, other methods for removing caffeine do rely on them. We feel, therefore, that this chemical-free approach to decaffeination is more natural. As a result, this more natural approach reduces harm to both the health of the environment and you!

Here at John Watt & Son, we have tested a number of decaffeinated coffees, and we think that this bean tastes as close to “normal” coffee as you can get, thanks to the Mexican Mountain Water Process used. Decaf coffee drinkers will not be disappointed!

The Mexican Mountain Water Process Decaf coffee, like our caffeinated Mexican beans, has a medium body with a cocoa flavour and berry-like acidity.

The Arabica beans come from various estates in Mexico and include two varietals. These are, namely, Caturra and Typica, and are of Excelso grade.


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  1. jonathan.hammond (verified owner)

    This is probably the best decaffeinated coffee I’ve ever tasted. It’s full of body and flavour, and is roasted high enough to give the bitterness that I like, without it becoming overpowering. Apart from the lack of any caffeine induced light-headedness, I really wouldn’t be able to tell that this is decaffeinated. It’s that good.

    Even better, it’s produced using the water process, which means no nasty chemical solvents are involved.

    I buy whole beans in bulk (that’s three kilos for the price of two). Two bags go straight into the freezer (as advised), while the other is opened pretty much straight away. So I grind the beans myself, and brew mostly with an espresso machine. I sometimes also use a moka pot or a cafetière. I get great results from this coffee whichever method I use, and I’m sure it would work just as well with a pour-over method or with an AeroPress.

    Even with the three for two option, this coffee is rather more expensive than you might pay in a supermarket (for example). However, the quality is so good, and the label tells you exactly when it was roasted, and therefore how fresh it really is. I wouldn’t want to buy my coffee anywhere else.

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