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Monsoon Malabar


Monsoon Malabar coffee beans, when unroasted, are yellow rather than the usual light green.

The yellow beans are exposed to the monsoon rain and winds for a period of about three to four months, causing them to swell and lose their original acidity.

This monsooning process consists of exposing natural coffee beans, in 4- to 6-inch-thick piles, to moisture-laden monsoon winds in a well-ventilated brick or concrete-floored warehouse. This process is carried out on the West Coast of India, making use of the winds from the Arabian Sea during the Southwest Monsoon months of June through September.

The processing begins with top-grade beans, Arabica cherries, that have already been processed by the dry method. To equalize moisture absorption, the beans are raked frequently, followed by bulking and re-bagging at regular intervals. During this 12- to 16-week process, the beans absorb moisture in stages, swelling to nearly twice their original size and developing colours ranging from pale gold to light brown. After several weeks, the coffee is re-bulked, graded again, bagged and moved to a drier region for longer-term storage.

We feel this monsooning process makes a Monsoon Malabar brew exceptionally smooth with a sweet, spicy kick and with medium acidity.

In our opinion we always think Moonsoon Malabar works best as a medium roast as a cafetiere brew or a filter, making it perfect for an afternoon or after-dinner coffee.

Origin: India
Estate: Various Highland Malabar Estates
Varieties: Arabica
Processing: Monsooned.
Grade: AA, equal to SCR 17/18 (large beans, good quality)

Notes:- Spicy, earthy, smoky, tobacco notes, wood notes, medium body, medium acidity.


A mild, medium roast from India with a slightly spiced aroma.

Tasting notes of warm nutmeg, clove, sugar cane & a hint of spice.

AA, Monsooned

Monsoon Malabar



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