Moroccan Mint Tea


Our Moroccan mint tea is a refreshing blend of Chinese gunpowder green tea and African spearmint. This loose leaf tea is equally enjoyable as a hot beverage or ice-cold.



Our Moroccan mint loose leaf tea is a refreshing blend of Chinese gunpowder green tea and African spearmint.

Moroccan Mint tea was traditionally drunk from tall glasses in Morocco and sweetened with sugar or a small drop of honey, but we think it works incredibly well as an iced tea. This is, of course, especially true on a hot summer’s day.

As already stated, this Moroccan mint loose leaf tea contains gunpowder green tea from China. Therefore, as with other green teas, should you opt for a hot drink as opposed to an iced one, the trick is not to over brew it.  For the best brew possible, you should boil your water and then leave it for about 2-3 minutes to cool down. Then, once cooled ever so slightly, begin to brew your tea, making sure not to let it brew for any longer than three minutes. The resulting beverage will have a fresh spring grass flavour to it without the unpleasant, bitter edge of an over-brewed tea.

Sadly, many people are put off green tea due to, unknowingly, over brewing their tea leaves. This, however, is so easily avoided.

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  1. Chris Hale (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious! I’ve tried mint tea before and there’s been barely any mint flavour just a slight aroma. This stuff actually tastes of mint but it compliments the flavour of the tea and doesn’t overwhelm it. I love it and will be ordering more.

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