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medium Roast

Old Brown Java


Our Old Brown Java coffee has been matured for 6 years. The unique ageing process was discovered in the 17th century when the Dutch introduced the first coffee seeds to the island of Java. For the duration of the Dutch cargo ships’ return journeys back to Europe, the raw coffee beans were stored in the ships’ holds where they acted as ballast. As a result of their lengthy storage period out at sea, the beans were found to produce an attractive taste when unloaded!

Now the Old Brown Java coffee beans are normally stored in large burlap sacks, which are regularly aired, dusted, and flipped. As they age, the beans turn from green to light brown, and their flavour gains strength whilst losing acidity.

This unique process produces a full-bodied coffee that is earthy and spicy like a good wine. It has a hint of sweetness, no acidity, and boasts strong tobacco undertones.

The coffee originates from various estates on the Indonesian island known as Java. The coffee variety is Typica, and it is aged and dry processed.

We have recently developed an Old Brown Java Special Edition coffee. This is a Full City roast which is even more distinctive. The special edition, therefore, is something for those who demand maximum flavour. It has a spicy taste with plenty of complexity in the aroma. It is strong yet smooth and lacks any bitterness.


A beautifully balanced medium roast from Indonesia with a gentle roast from Indonesia with a gentle aroma of warm spices.

Tasting notes of freshly baked bread, ginger, hints of peanut & a slightly sweet undertone of tobacco.

Aged & Dry processed

old brown java, medium roast


1 review for Old Brown Java

  1. Peter Jake (verified owner)

    Pleasant tasting full of flavour. Makes a nice change.

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