Spiced Orange Tea


Our orange spiced loose leaf tea is, as the name implies, a spicy blend. This comes from the clove buds and oil that partner with the orange pieces in the blend. In addition, a strong Chinese tea is used as a base.

While the clove buds and oil bestow a spicy quality to the beverage, the pieces of orange impart an inviting citrusy orange flavour onto the hot brew,  The orange-clover duo team up perfectly, in this blend, with the Chinese tea that is used as a strong, caffeine-rich base. Therefore, not only are you pleasantly presented with an explosion of flavour but a delightful delivery of caffeine, too!

This spiced orange loose leaf tea is sure to warm you up from the inside out. Therefore, this tea provides a great drinking experience for those frosty mornings in autumn, winter, and even into early spring. Equally, it is a real pleasure to drink on a  cool summer evening.

Be sure to reserve a place for this one in your kitchen cupboard!



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