Pai Mu Tan Tea


Pai Mu Tan Tea is white leaf tea. This tea is a mixture of buds and large leaves from the tips of the tea bushes and is sometimes also called White Peony tea. The lack of firing makes the brew very delicate with a slightly nutty edge, totally unlike the flavour of any black or green tea.

White teas are the least processed form of tea that we commonly drink in this country. They are produced by plucking fresh tea buds and spreading them onto large blankets in the sun to wither and dry naturally. Once the leaf has withered enough, it is sorted and is ready to drink. The process really is as simple as that.

To brew this tea: use approximately 3g of tea per cup and infuse for 4-5 minutes with water that is freshly drawn, boiled and allowed to cool for 2 minutes prior to brewing.



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